These Aussie Twins make this person’s Kinky AF dreams become a reality – No Judgment, Though

The Story

Saddle up, males, ’cause this 1’s going to get odd. A recent feature on Australian tv about twins (and what makes these powerful duos distinctive) also uncovered the unusual story of two Aussie the same twin sisters, Anna and Lucy DeCinque, that do everything collectively, outfit alike, as well as discuss… a boyfriend.

Yep. You read that correct. Somewhere right here, absolutely a guy going to community on two women which seem precisely the same following sleeping with both of them inside their “extremely king-size” bed. The video below gets to certain a lot more TV-appropriate details, leaving out whether they would, indeed, carry out *everything* together. Therefore we don’t know whether this guy is residing aside a ton of people’s dreams nowadays… but the guy might be. Visit:

The Snapshot

The Lesson

We inhabit 2016, meaning its currently tomorrow, and let me make it clear: the long term is filled with simply definitely gobstoppingly strange stuff tends to make the forefathers have actually a dang old-timey heart attack if they could merely notice it. iPhones, hoverboards, vape pens, man-buns, and a pair of Aussie twins hypothetically having threesomes with only one guy.

But you understand what? To every their own freakin’ own, man. If they have a situation exercised where everyone’s delighted (and clearly that they hadn’t already been pleased prior to now dating separate dudes) and everyone’s a consenting person, subsequently great in it. They are living their finest life and not givin’ a f*ck; we must all be so fortunate.

Though should they previously separation… that’s gonna end up being at least twice as complicated as an ordinary breakup.